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How to Build a Solid Financial House

We have developed a unique process for developing financial plans entitled, Financial Architecture. If you were to construct a new home it would be odd to start by picking the paint colour in the kitchen. To ensure a well constructed home you would start with a solid foundation, then a sturdy frame and then focus on the interior. When constructing a financial house the process is similar. By being committed to our process we ensure clients have a solid financial house. 

Build a Solid Foundation

The building blocks of a financial house are the estate and insurance plans.

Helping you construct the building blocks of your financial foundation include:

  • Suggesting estate topics to discuss with your family
  • Recommending a legal professional to craft your will and Power of Attorney
  • Ensuring your insurance needs are met

Drawing the Blueprint

Whether building a house or a financial plan the starting point is YOU

We must understand your financial situation and articulate your goals and objectives in order to draw the blueprint for your financial house

Construct the Framework

With the foundation of your house in tact we begin to construct the frame. We do so by answering two simple questions: what do you want to do with your money and when do you want to do it?

  • Work Pension Plans
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Old Age Security
  • Personal Savings

We must plan to ensure these items work together in a tax efficent fashion to fund your retirement.

Interior Design

When building a new home it would be odd to start by choosing the paint colours first. Similarly our discussion of the investment markets will be guided by the work we have done on the estate, insurance and retirement plans.

  • Create an "asset mix" that is based on the foundation and framework we have built
  • Select proportions invested in guaranteed versus growth securities based on your unque situation
  • The "asset mix" is far more important than the choice of individual securities and forms the core of your investment portfolio

Communication and Customer Service

The final step in the process is our ongoing commitment to you. Overtime your personal siutation may change; there may also be changes in the economy, markets and tax laws. Similar to how a well-built house requires ongoing maintenance, our financial house requires upkeep. As a team we are committed to:

  • Staying in touch
  • Ongoing communication to ensure you have peace of mind with your financial plan

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