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Investment Strategy

Our Financial Architecture process results in a customized financial plan, tailored to meet your needs. This plan includes developing an investment strategy that ensures the portfolio addresses your unique needs. The guiding philosophy of all our investments is the same, we want to make money while diligently managing risk, so you can sleep well at night. To accomplish this, we take a pension approach to our investments. The world’s largest pension funds and endowment funds manage hundreds of billions of dollars. They don’t simply buy mutual funds; their strategy is different. With the aim of managing risk and generating steady returns, they use strategies and asset classes that are typically not included in the portfolio of the average investor. We do the same thing for our clients. While the details of each portfolio vary based on client needs, the three main components are as follows:


We select individual securities based on fundamental and technical analysis. The goal is to find established, strong companies that can provide growth over the long term. The stocks and bonds that make up the core are long term investments and are diversified by sector and geography.


This portion of the portfolio is a momentum strategy. The tactical component is more active, in good times we will step on the gas, attempting to accelerate the return. In bad times, we will hit the brake and get defensive, protecting the portfolio from market turbulence.


Investments outside of the public markets are not subject to the day to day fluctuates of the stock markets. These alternative investments can help diversify the portfolio and provide a steadier return. Often, we use private equity, private debt or market neutral strategies for this purpose.

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